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>> that's cute. >> rick lazio's running. you can call him a clown or brilliant. >> not running. ugly. >> been heard of. >> what did you learn? >> is that running ugly? >> it is. >> i have learned that. go on. >> i learned that willie didn't spend the decision verdict day with blagojevich. i thought he had. >> embedded? >> fear rules the land. take a deep breath and let's treat muslims americans the same way we treat evangelical and jewish americans and atheist americans. that's what the constitution is up. limited al qaeda presence in war. there's only 50 of them. all of afghanistan. because even the afghans don't want them there. it is about the taliban. not al qaeda. willie, welcome back. we are 30 seconds late. what time is it? >> nothing changes. "morning joe." right now, time for "the daily rundown with chuck and
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savannah." it's iran's new weapon. a long-range unmanned bomber. are they one step closer to delivering a nuke? and get ready for sunscreen tuesday. florida and arizona, two key states among five holding critical primaries tomorrow and some of the candidates speaking out on this program today. and over a half a billion eggs recalled. is the government doing enough to keep us safe? august 23rd, 2010. i'm chuck todd. savannah is off this week. let's get to the rundown. the president is keeping a low profile while on vacation and vice president biden taking center stage today. nbc's mike viqueira live for us in martha's vineyard. a rainy martha's vineyard, mike. what can you tell us about the vice president stepping in today? >> reporter: hey, i tell you, chuck, the sea angry last night, my friends. vice president goes to indianapolis to speak to the veterans of foreign wars convention. he plans to talk about iraq, the
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imminent withdraw of combat troops, of course. saw those dramatic pictures last week crossing the border. now we have the vice president set to speak today in indianapolis. of course, he made some controversial comments earlier this summer, walking right up to taking credit for success in the iraq war as the administration sees it. notwithstanding withdrawing them on time but success as a whole and drew scoffing from former vice president biden. meanwhile, the white house announced yesterday the white house making that address on iraq, walking a fine line between mission accomplished, he doesn't want to do that, and drawing attention to the fact that he is meeting the august 31st deadline for withdrawing come bas forces and there are still 50,000 u.s. forces remaining in iraq, at least until the end of next year, chuck. >> all right. mike viqueira in a very windy and perhaps rainy martha's vineyard and guessing no golf in
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the president today. thanks very much. >> reporter: don't count him out. >> fair enough. now the top story on iran. more saber rattling on the weekend. the opening of a first nuclear power plant and ended with president ahmadinejad unveiling a new unmanned bomber. live for us in london this morning. ali, what was the weekend about? was this truly what we just described it as? saber rattling, getting our attention, or are they making real progress toward a nuclear weapons program? >> reporter: well, good morning, chuck. certainly, there's definitely saber rattling over the weekend. iran wants to show independence, wents to show the strength. it wants to say despite four rounds of heavy sanctions, they're still forging ahead with the military and nuclear programs so they want to say they're independent but it also is putting them in a position that if they were going to come to the negotiating table, they'll come from a position of
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strength. listen, we have developed the missiles. we are forging ahead with the nuclear program despite america trying to stop it. if you want to stop us, we're a force to be reckoned with and want to show the strength. that was the main message of the weekend to say, listen, we are not a little country bullied about. we are a tough country an we can't just even despite your imposing all these sanctions on us, you can't push us around. that was the main message from teheran. chuck? >> all right. ali arouzi in london for us this morning, thanks very much. let's move back to iraq. all u.s. combat units out of the country. the president set to mark the milestone with a speech after returning from vacation next week. richard engel rode out with the last brigade last week. richard, we'll hear from vice president biden today. we'll hear from president obama next week sort of trying to say what is it all mean? i ask you, what does it all
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mean? you hear conservatives on the right sitting there saying, where's the praise for bush on the surge? and then you hear from some liberals on the left saying, you know what? we still don't know whether this war was worth fighting. what are we going to hear from the president and vice president? >> reporter: hearing from the president in particular a lot of caution. there's still 50,000 troops until the end of next year and those troops are in an advisory capacity. but they're still in harm's way. we could have a very bad day. imagine if a rocket or a mortar lands in a chow hall and you have a large number of american casualties, there would be a drumbeat of people saying we thought the war was over. so he has to say there's 50,000 troops and they're not going out on combat missions. that part is over and has to be cautious. on the other side, he has to acknowledge that something fundamentally has changed. that oif "operation iraq if i
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freedom," the war that defined so many lives, i have spoken with military families who have had three or four children that have served in this conflict. so if each of those children did two or three tours for a family, that's 12 years of commitment total if you add up all of the different tours. so for so many people this has been the biggest experience in their lives. it's defined a generation of the united states of the military. he has to acknowledge that "operation iraqi freedom" is over but recognize there will be some tough days ahead. >> all right. >> reporter: i think people in the military probably disappointed with this speech because it won't be a declaration of victory. >> won't be a cheerleading. interesting. checking in with you a lot this week. since we have got you stateside. nice to see you on this side of the pond. thank you very much.
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all right. wikileaks founder assange is firing back. martin fletcher following the story also from london. martin, there was a molestation charge not dropped but not pursuing it. is assange on to something? >> reporter: well, the thing is this. they're going to continue with the molestation charge but the prosecutor said that they won't arrest him because it's too minor a charge. now, the thing is that assange was expecting this. he's australian and said he was warned by the australian secret service to be aware of dirty tricks and then police in sweden charging him with rape and molestation from two women who complained but the police couldn't find him. we know he has no fixed home or office. he arrived in sweden ten days ago and assange responded on twitter calling the charges, quote, without basis and deeply
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disturbing and then police dropped the charge of rape and not clear what's happening next but certainly he believes he is the victim of a smear campaign and he's saying that they're waiting to see what happens next. he's also saying he has 15,000 documents that his people are going through and he says he will release those come what may. >> martin, is there an accuser? >> reporter: i'm sorry? >> is there an accuser? usually, in a situation of a rape allegation, is there an accuser? >> reporter: well, there are. what we know is from a swedish tabloid that produced two women that made the charges. one said she was raped in a hotel room and apparently the other woman who claimed molestation was actually backing up the charge of the first woman. the thing is, though, the charges were made at the beginning of the weekend. a new swedish prosecutor came in to work, saw the evidence, saw
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new evidence and then said, no, this is not strong enough and dropped the rape case but the mo messation charge continues but the new prosecutor says it's not a charge that's serious enough to warrant an arrest. so now assange's lawyers are meeting with -- hoping to meet with the swedish prosecutor to get that one dropped, as well. >> martin flech we are a wild story. feels like a bad spy novel plot twist. thanks very much. all right. we turn now to growing concerns about contaminated eggs. more than half a billion with a "b" recalled and the head of the fda expects more in the coming days. nbc's tom costello joining us with more from washington. okay. put this in consumer terms. how likely is it that any of us go to the grocery store and get a con tan nated egg? >> reporter: i think at this point not very likely. most of the eggs pulled off the market. consider the window here. produced between mid-may and
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mid-august. anybody who bought eggs in may, june, july already eaten them. might other brand names come out and recall some? if they were in some way tied to these two farms in iowa? yes, that's possible. however, is it likely more people will get sick from here going forward? unlikely because most of these eggs pulled off the market. however, retroactively now, the health experts going back and saying, you know, we saw that blip of salmonella poisoning in may, june and july and connected the dots to say, a-ha those cases probably tied to the egg recall, to the outbreak. of course, those people have gotten sick. they moved on and fine now. so far, no reports of any deaths associated with this recall. it is now just a matter of an fda investigation and the commissioner has said that the health standards were not being applied appropriately or rather not followed appropriately at these farms in iowa. >> what have we learned about
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the fda's ability to regulate eggs? >> reporter: they didn't have ability until mid-july when a new law took effect. so suddenly, mid-july comes along, the new law takes affect involving egg safety and the fda finds itself in the middle of a salmonella outbreak trying to trace it and it does with state authorities back to this particular series of farms in iowa. the fda has said for years we don't have the manpower, we don't have the budget or the authority to do our jobs. and now, we are still waiting for the senate to pass legislation that would dramatically beef up the fda's ability to order -- the fda can't even order a recall. here we are in 2010. we talked about the legislation in 1994. and they stalled and stalled and stalled. they meaning capitol hill on the subsequent administrations. and now, we're waiting for the senate to act. and give the fda mandatory recall authority, beef up its
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inspection staff and give it more staff and more money so it can do its job. we have the conversation every 18 months. it is rather old. >> interesting. nobody is better on this beat on these consumer beats and the government regulation beat than you. thanks very much. >> all right. coming up, can a moderate republican survive in today's republican party? up next, an interview with an unapologetic moderate republican. former new jersey governor christine whitman. later, he is locked in one of the nastiest primary fights of the season. a day before the primary of florida, checking in congressman kendrick meek. if he wins this battle, what does hedo about rub i don't and crist? while president obama's on vacation, here's a look at what vice president biden has on his schedule. it's a busy one. remarks in indianapolis about iraq and going to ohio raising money for governor ted strickland. what's up with that?
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i don't think that it ought to be a political football between now and november. we have got a bipartisan effort here, a serious bipartisan effort supported by the president, leader boehner and myself. they'll report later this year. we'll treat that report seriously. i hope it is the kind of recommendation that we can support on a bipartisan basis. >> that was that minority leader mitch mcconnell talking about a commission to cut spending and suggesting republicans won't make an issue of it this fall. christie todd whitman former governor of new jersey and former administrator of the epa and co-chair of the clean and
9:17 am
safe energy coalition promoting nuclear expansion. a lot to discuss with you, governor whitman. first i want to start with what senator mcconnell talking about with the deficit commission. what i found interesting about the debate about the deficit commission is that suddenly you have leaders, senator mcconnell saying that he will take the recommendations seriously. you have had some inside your party who say supporting that commission was akin to supporting a tax hike which is why a bunch of senators ended up not voting for it in the first place. you're somebody that comes from the middle. ideologically in this country. do you think we can have an adult conversation about spending and the deficit and taxes? >> chuck, i hope so. if we don't, we're in big trouble. this is ridiculous to say that supporting the commission before you even know what it's going to recommend is akin to supporting a tax increase. you don't know that. and the members of the commission, frankly, have pretty good reputations some of them
9:18 am
and they're honest brokers. i would sake a good, hard look at it before i dismiss. maybe some aspects republicans won't want to support but if we don't get to our basic philosophy which used to be balanced budgets and tax cuts we'll be lost, frankly. and the american people will be lost. we have to bring government spending under control and address the deficit and look at what's recommended. >> there seems to be a movement in both parties and more so on this republican side and also on the democratic side of purity tests. and if you're not 100% with the base of the party, you're out. and, if you support 80% of the time with your republicans but 20% of the time you don't, like a bob bennett in utah, you are out. could you have survived in this republican climate this year? >> oh, absolutely not. i mean, not in the republican side of it with the public in general. republican primaries, that's different -- >> i understand that. >> the republican party --
9:19 am
people who have identified with the republican party in the past, the majority are in the center but they don't have the same passion that those on the further right do with the litmus tests. for instance, when i was governor of new jersey we cut taxes 40 times but i would not sign a no new taxes pledge because for me as a governor to give up a tool i might need made no sense at all so those groups with that at their litmus test didn't matter i balanced the budget, we cut the deficit, didn't matter i cut taxes. they would never endorse me. to me, that's a -- ronald reagan said, if you're with me 80% of the time, you're my friend, not my enemy. >> go to the issue of the tax cuts. there's a debate going on and, look, you were in the bush administration but you were not part of this debate about the extension of the bush tax cuts. there is a debate inside the republican party about whether it should be, quote, paid for or not. do you believe if you want to extend tax cuts or extend the tax rate that you should find a way to pay for it in order to
9:20 am
vote for the extension? >> well, right now, we have got those tax cuts in place. i believe that they show that, in fact, we have gotten whatever can stimulate the economy and shown in the past tax cuts help to do that done the right way. when you get to the spending programs, you have to come up with the offsets and every time you put something in addition or something on to a budget item to -- a new program. more money to be spent. that's when you need to come up with how will you pay for it? i looked to say to the legislature, look, we don't have the money to spend on these programs. wasn't that you necessarily offset every portion of the tax cuts. it was more you took an overall view and said you have less money to spend. we have the look at every program. of course, our problem right now with the congress is appetite for spending. they're not looking at cutting programs. we saw that in the bush years. epa would send up a budget that we were felt we needed to do and
9:21 am
every year it comes back bigger. >> but it shouldn't -- it shouldn't be paid for? i ask this because when it was originally voted on it was a ten-year deal and so, senators knew that they were voting on an expiration date because they knew if you put it in perpetuity it would cost more as far as the deficit is concerned. someone said isn't this a case of, okay, we had a sale and now the sale is over? >> well, i question, frankly, at this point in time doing away with that tax cut. you may want to look down the road a couple of years. again, it is back to, okay, it was supposed to be a temporary tax cut or temporary ten years in the federal government we know goes on forever. during the ten years, nothing was done to reduce spending in anticipation. and that's something that we have got to get at but right now with the kind of message that increasing those taxes would send, particularly on the small and mid-sized business owners i
9:22 am
think could really harm what little economic stimulus we are seeing and regrowth we are seeing. >> let me tap your expertise on the environmental side of things. assess how the federal government did now on handling the oil spill. >> it was very little that they could do in the sense of actually getting in for the cleanup. if i'd been the president, i would have advised him to immediately from day one called in the heads of the various actors there, bp, transocean, all of those. and said to them, look, you guys, you are responsible for this. you will pay and clean up. we'll watch every step of it but you are with the expertise to do it. watch them closely but not have distracted with sending in the attorney general saying we'll look at criminal penalties. plenty of time for that. we wanted the most important thing to clean it up and then from a federal government point of view, look back at what was happening with the regulators in the department of interior, mineral mining services. what was going on? we have got to clean that up. that was a total mess.
9:23 am
there were things they could have done. i don't think they're too aggressive enough. with cleaning up, really that had to be done the way it was and to have the coast guard in there, also, was the best kind of response that the government could put to it at this point. but we don't want to dismiss what's happened now. i know they're saying that the oil dissipated. i question that a bit. may be broken up but it's still there and we have to watch this very, very carefully. noaa's saying it. epa's saying it. we still have to watch this very, very carefully. >> clearly, a debate inside the scientific community on that. all right. governor christie todd-whitman, thank you so joining us. >> pleasure. >> thanks very much. up next in today's "decision 2010," may be trailing john mccain in the polls but arizona's jd hayworth isn't going down without a fight. plus, the senate showdown in
9:24 am
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all right. it is the year of the outsider, right? apparently voters in arizona and florida didn't get the memo. in arizona, john mccain spokesman say the challenger jd hayworth, quote, deader than elvis. if he goes down, he's doing his best to take mccain's conservative credentials with him. check out the closing ad called
9:28 am
"mccain's amnesty." >> i helped author with senator kennedy comprehensive immigration reform and fought for it twice. >> i stood with ted kennedy and john mccain and took on this tough issue. >> mccain's amnesty bill would cost $2.6 trillion rewarding illegal aliens with social security and medicare benefits. had enough? >> of course, putting an immigration bill in the present tense that failed in the senate in 2007 might be a tad misleading. mccain is closing with a positive ad, one which not too southerly shows him walking along the border. watch. >> the rebuilding of our economy, the security of ourúdo nation, our border and the safety of every citizen in arizona. i proudly stood up for our state and never backed down. i appreciate your support. i ask for your vote. >> mccain has spent $20 million on this primary. think about that. $20 million. running aggressive campaign.
9:29 am
some republicans said they wish he ran this aggressively in the presidential. looks like he'll survive this thing. fascinating to watch. mccain back in the senate post-primary challenge and see where lindsey gram. fascinating. in alaska tomorrow, we get a test of how anti-washington sentiment stands with federal control surviving on federal dollars. lisa murkowski, alaska brought the stimulus money than any other state and murkowski running on the seniority saying she's a known name since interning for ted stevens in 1975. he called her a hell of a lot better senator than her father who she replaced when he appointed her to fill the seat. the veteran joe miller trying to use this legacy against her in ads funded by tea party groups. take a listen.
9:30 am
>> america became a reality when our founders stood up to a royal family and demanded representation. today, we're again squaring off against another royal family a. murkowski held one of the two alaskan senate seats for decades. >> miller papering the ads with diploma do get alaskans to take him seriously and behind in many public polls. this is a grudge match. sarah palin who beat murkowski's father frank in the 2006 race for governor is very vocally backing joe miller. and don't miss joe miller. our guest on "the lady rundown" tomorrow and talking about the primary challenge, looks to be a bit uphill. still ahead, the white house makes another stab at brokering peace in the middle east. critics are raising issue with the timetable. on the eve o florida's primary, we check in with congressman meek. can he become more than just a third wheel in the crist-rubio
9:31 am
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il has flowed a liquid gel. into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen,
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hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. bottom of the hour now. let's look what the driving this monday. chile preparing to drill a relief tunnel to rescue 33 miners after being trapped two weeks but officials take it would take until christmas to free them. meantime, rescuers sending food, water and air through an emergency drill hole. the federal government imposing new rules on egg production in the wake of the salmonella outbreak that led to the recall of more than half a billion eggs. the iowa farm at the center of
9:35 am
the recall is facing safety violations. new claims facility for damages from the gulf oil spill begins operations officially today. the claims administrator said bp made out $35 million in claims and said it was his idea to require anyone that receives a final settlement to give up the right to sue the oil giant. a new name on the campaign trail is made waves in florida's democratic primary. are they ready to send jeff greene with a thin political background into a battle against rubio and crist? nora o'donnell is in miami this morning. and you had quite the interesting tour with mr. greene over the weekend. tell us about it. >> reporter: we absolutely did, chuck. and greetings from miami, of course, your hometown. this is really turned into one of the most -- the nastiest democratic primary ballots in
9:36 am
probably florida history. with kendrick meek, of course, the democratic congressman, vying for the seat against jeff greene, a self-made billionaire from palm beach. yesterday, we spent the day with both candidates. jeff greene giving us a tour in his electric gem car, pointing out homes including his and lots of other very wealthy people including rush limbaugh, of course, living in palm beach. his $24 million home. talked about the 154-foot yacht and the fact that lindsay lohan stayed on there. this is part of the race because his opponents made it part of it, questioning his character. i asked him yesterday about that and here's what he had to say in response. >> kendrick meek is trying to make this about lindsay lohan, the people of florida, there's a 1.1 million people unemployed in florida. meek has been in congress for eight years. authored 77 bills, not a single bill passed.
9:37 am
if i let someone sleep on the boat for two nights, i don't think that's important. the people of florida are suffering. >> reporter: and, you know, chuck, the people in florida are suffering. florida has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. jeff greene tried to talk about jobs, jobs, jobs. kendrick meek said he is the candidate of the middle class. latest polls today, quinn pi okay has one up. may be the establishment candidate meek can show he is the outsider in the race and may be able to beat a billionaire spending his own money. i think, chuck, too, there's a sense in the state with rick scott who's also very wealthy man running for governor that voters have sort of said, who are the self-funders, wealthy men running for office? it's mixed up in the whole dialogue. >> i wonder if each of them hurt themselves. that's a great point. nora o'donnell with the great
9:38 am
assignment, being in miami. not a totally, totally humid day down there in miami today. all right. thanks very much. we'll stick with the florida theme. congressman meek calling himself the only real democrat in the senate race and in about 36 hours we'll find out whether florida voters buy that claim. he joins us now from tampa. congressman, all the polls are looking good. looks like you have momentum. you must feel it. you said you forgive jeff greene for the attacks made against you ready to take the high road. but this campaign has come at a price. it looks like you will have to spent more than $5 million to get this nomination. are you going to have the resources left to fight what's going to be one of the craziest, whackiest, most expensive senate races in the fall? >> absolutely. we'll have the resources. we have general election dollars in holding to launch a general election campaign. we're close enough to the november election where folks
9:39 am
will start voting early. early on. we have a very strong message of being not only the real democrat but being the only candidate in the general election, once we win tomorrow here in florida, that is stood up against offshore oil drilling, a major issue here in florida. willing to attack the issue that is are facing the middle class. i think it resonates with voters. it has. we have qualified by petition here in florida. you know, i have always said, chuck, i'm the david in this race. we played a david role well. we know what happened at the end of that story and looking forward to continuing the campaign hard. my morning starts tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. at a bus terminal as though i'm 12 points down or 20 points down. and encouraging every voter to get out to vote. >> are you going to support jeff greene if he pulls the upset at this point and is the nominee tomorrow? >> well, i have said that i would -- i'm not in the position
9:40 am
to see jeff greene as the nominee for democrats here in florida. his record and commitment to public service is just not there. i don't like to play hypotheticals. i have said that i couldn't bring myself to support jeff greene or charlie crist or marco rubio because i believe when we look at a nominee, we have to look at someone willing to stand up far women's right to choose, willing to fight against offshore oil drilling here in florida, willing to work a double shift to get people back to work here in florida. and embrace new energy opportunities. florida's so prime for. but need a strong person in the united states senate that will carry that message? >> you are not guaranteeing that you will support jeff greene if he is the democratic nominee? >> not right now. i'm guaranteeing that we are going to work hard on behalf of the people of the state of florida. i don't see mr. greene winning the election tomorrow. >> okay.
9:41 am
>> because he hasn't made the case on how to get folks back to work. i'm looking at being victorious tomorrow because we have worked hard, we have represented the people of the state of florida well. we can make a strong case in a general election because this is about democrats elevating the right person to the general election to make the case on behalf of the middle class here in florida and veterans. >> what about people saying i like you, congressman, governor crist and undecided in the fall? >> i'm saying that i am the sheer deal when it comes down to standing up for the principles of the democratic party and the people of the state of florida. i'm a worker. i'm not just with you today and against you tomorrow. and then maybe next week i'll be back with you. let's just face it. the governor was ahead of the republican party here in florida. he got out of the primary because he felt he couldn't win the republican primary. that's the reason why he became an independent. but i believe as we continue to
9:42 am
move through this nomination process and we lock down the nomination, democrats just want a candidate that can win in november. i am that candidate. i feel that this primary, the good thing that's come out of it is shown democrat that is we do have the institutional fortitude to move forth and at a very tough election. $26 million spent against my candidacy. that's not an easy fence to climb over and i think that we have shown staying power. we have shown toughness. we have shown an ability to get our message out. under the circumstances. president obama came down. campaigned for us. president clinton came down. senator bill nelson was with my wife and grace nelson in orlando as you know being from florida vote rich area along the i-4 corridor. i will be in orlando and then the palm beach and then to south
9:43 am
florida. >> all right. congressman kendrick meek, be safe on the campaign trail. good luck tomorrow. >> absolutely. >> did you really order mayonnaise on the corned beef? >> well, you know, the thing about it, chuck, is that i -- my wife always get at me. i'm mayonnaise is just about on everything but the french fries. >> huh oh. >> yeah, yeah. >> okay. you will get in trouble with the first lady on that front. anyway, kendrick meek, thanks very much for joining us. trivia time, which senator list it is panama canal zone as his place of birth? senator john mccain, the son and grandson of admirals and in this definition of being born in the united states, that might actually have made it to the courts. anyway, after years of stalemate, the major parties are ready to make another go at brokering a peace deal in the middle east. so what's different this time around? we'll go in the room with former u.s. ambassador to israel. but first, the white house soup
9:44 am
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all right. israeli prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president abbas are coming to washington next week for the first face to face mideast peace talks in nearly two years but there's little confidence among some critics that president obama can help broker a comprehensive peace deal within the one-year timetable. former ambassador to israel and negotiator martin indic is at the brookings institution. i got start with sort of the first thing that seems to be missing from these talks at this point and that is the role of hamas. which, of course, does govern
9:48 am
part of these -- of this palestinian territory. >> hi, chuck. it certainly is one of the problems that will plague these negotiations. hamas as you say controls part of the ter noir which the palestinian state is supposed to be created by these negotiations. and hamas is opposed to the negotiations themselves and to making peace with israel. that said, the critical issues that have to be resolved relate the west bank, not gaza. and, the whole issues of settlements in the west bank, security arrangements in the west bank, what happens in jerusalem and to refugees are all issues that can be negotiated. in the end, if they reach an agreement, it will have to be put to a referendum of the palestinian people and my guess is that the gazans will vote for
9:49 am
the creation of an independent palestinian state and hamas will not be able to stand in the way. >> tell me, though. it seems netanyahu and abbas basically to put this in crass u.s. political terms base issues. netanyahu only can go so far in order to protect his right political flank and abbas can only go so far, frankly, to make sure he doesn't create a split inside the -- so i guess if both of them are basically being pulled in two different directions, what is a rational middle ground here that can somehow at least make it where both of the leaders survive politically in their home territories? >> you are absolutely right that they're both severely constrained politically. however, on the israeli side, net sunset a right wing prime minister who's now embraced the idea of establishing an independent palestinian state
9:50 am
alongside israeli peace. and if he makes the decision to go for a deal, he will automatically garner the suppor of the center and the left which supports such a deal. supports . that will definitely support him if he makes a peace deal. >> and that is something that he can only overcome by getting a deal which he then sells with the help of the international community to the palistinian people forcing hamas to basically decide whether they want to climb on to the peace train or be left behind. >> there are a lot of other
9:51 am
country countries is is there anybody missing in here? should the syrians be part of this? >> i think sit important to keep the syrians sweet in all of this. they can disrupt the process. i think the best would be at the same time and in effect to use that leverage on the palestinians and give them cover. is lt not prepared to take the risk of negotiations on two fronts simultaneous ly.
9:52 am
>> former ambassador to israel. i think we will be hearing it a lot over the next two weeks. >> our tweet of the day comes in response to my tweet this morning. not bad. no tan lines in alaska. listen up, people, volkswagen is at it again with their autobahn for all event. it ends soon. they got great prices. cars built for the autobahn. people are gonna be driving crazy in the jetta... ...the routan, and the cc. that cc is gorgeous. that jetta is awesome. my wife loves her new routan. and they all come with that carefree maintenance. scheduled maintenance included.
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very quickly, brett favre made his season debut on nbc
9:56 am
sunday night football. brett this was the first game last year. allowing nem to finish the seri series. >> having a 40 second clock that you have to pay attention to. we technically could be picking it up. >> you remember it was the 49ers vikings game where he looked like the old brett favre where he gun slinged the ball in the last play of the game.
9:57 am
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